We take logos seriously. Let us develop an identity for you. In the development of a logotype we consider its uses, and design your logo to be effective in a variety of applications.


Your logo is likely to be the most important design decision you will make.


When designing your logo we will consider the following:


Scalability and ease of printing. A good logo should reproduce well at a variety of sizes, and print well in a variety of media. With this in mind the best logos often work well in one or two colors without screens and are also engineered to work well in black and white.


Signage (vehicles, billboards, in-store...)


Printed materials (letterheads, napkins,
posters, postcards...)


Advertisements (fliers, mailers, magazines, newspapers, magazines, television...)


Apparel (hats, uniforms, t-shirts...)


Packaging (store bags, product boxes,
cups, cd covers...)




All of the above applications can use different print processes. Logo attributes such as color and stroke width will appear differently in each medium. For instance, a magazine printed on a coated stock can handle subtleties in a mark far better than on a newspaper stock. Printed images can hold more detail than an image on television. We will take into account media, budget and versatility in your design and design a logo that is just right for you. Visit our Q&A Library for more on what to look for in a logo.